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In the history of pandemics, Covid-19 is deadliest and among the most horrendous disasters that affected human race manifold. COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns have adversely impacted individuals lives of middle class and lower middle class irrespective of their caste, creed and gender. It has brought economical and financial challenges for the marginalized and low-income groups from unorganized sector. Complete shutdown of many small-scale businesses and job cuts across the industries has jolted the lower middle-class population. Local restrictions have hampered livelihood activities in the informal sector, domestic, and micro scale enterprises. This flagship project is a need of the hour in order to facilitate financial support to the affected people. This noble effort will enable people to restart their work and to get ease in their financial distress.

About the Project

The objective of COVID-19 Handholding Project is to mobilize donations to provide financial access to the individuals as well as families who lost their livelihood due to pandemic and its restrictions. The process of the project will be, to explore the donations available among the domestic donors, any institutional fund available, CSR funds available in India and crowd funding among the general public.

Application of Funds

The funds mobilized shall be disbursed under following methods;

  • Sahulat will provide funds to the affiliated cooperative credit societies affiliated to be disbursed as recoverable livelihood loans.
  • Livelihood grants shall be distributed by Human Welfare Trust and Human Welfare Foundation.

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